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Let us do a test: Think of a topic you need information on and search it on Google. Open the first 3 websites that pop up and also some websites two pages later. Do you notice the difference? The first few websites are ranked high on Google search because they draw more traffic and that happens because they are well organised websites that provide the right information. For a small business owner, you may think that owning a website is not the right way of attracting customers or maybe it is way out of your budget. Every business, be it big or small NEEDS a professional website. We have listed some of the reasons why having a professional website is beneficial to your business.
  • Credibility: Credibility is key for gaining more customers. With the ease of access to internet in most countries, customers are relying heavily on search engines to find the right product. They want to research by themselves for the right product from the right company. Having a website means customers can view the products and decide for themselves if your product is worth their time and this freedom works in your favour as customers tend to trust those companies which have a professional looking websites. If you have a home-run business, a website is absolutely essential as you don’t have a store front to promote your products.
  • Customer is King: Keeping the customer happy is a must for a successful business. Your website provides the best info available for your products to your potential customers. You can update any info on a website and thus the customers remains informed of the current status of the product: the price, availability etc. It is much easier to update information on a website than in any other media as they become outdated quickly. A website also helps you interact directly with customers from all over the globe. You can answer their queries or upload a blog post you think might be beneficial for the customers using your products. Satisfied customers also enlarge your market base by word-of-mouth advertising.
  • 24/7 Online: Having a website means you never have to turn customers away after business hours or during those public holidays. Customers can access your products from the comfort of their homes anytime they want. You may be enjoying a vacation but your customers aren’t and your business shouldn’t too.
  • Money saver: A website is not out of your budget, rather it is a long term investment with huge rate of return. Compared to the cost of newspaper advertising and other modes of advertising, you save a lot of money once your website is up and running. Also the market reach for a website is global not local so that way you do save a huge chunk of money on advertising and the business you get from that minimal advertising is also humongous. You certainly can’t reach all the 250 million Americans using the internet or almost 2 billion international customers by advertising on a billboard!

We at Intelligent Evolution Inc. have years of experience in developing, designing and maintaining websites. We are the leading website designers and developers in all of Alexandria VA. Based on our years of experience and wide client range, we guide clients to the best way to utilize their website to help them produce the best results. We can help you in creating your online brand, ensuring that your online information is easily navigable, browser friendly (responsive design) and search engine optimized. We can provide customized turnkey solutions tailored to your organization website needs. We are the most preferred website designer company for many multinational companies.

Our team of expert website designers contains a blend of youth and experience and the result is your highly ranked website. Our web developers are all proficient in all the latest technologies that are available. Being a leading website developer, client satisfaction is a key factor and we strive to provide you with the website you want by understanding your needs and turning it into reality by utilising our talents. We also Create Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupel, Joomla, Expression Engine, DotNetNuke etc. for your website so that you can publish, edit, or modify the content of your website from a central interface. This way you can always provide your customer with the best possible info and stay leagues ahead of your competitors.

We at Intelligent Evolution are passionate people and passionate about website designing, development and maintenance. We provide you with the best website possible and help you get listed in Yahoo, Bing and Google. Hire us and observe the difference in your business!

Why Choose Us

With expertise in supporting small business with their website design, website development, graphic design, responsive design, search engine optimization is a natural service for Intelligent Evolution. Our team works closely with your company to determine understand your objectives to develop a strategy and customized online brand to match them. We ensure that the style, structure and content reflect your objectives.

What Client’s Say

Intelligent Evolution did an outstanding job! I would highly recommend their website design and development services. They really took their time to explain everything to us. Every time we had an idea, they found a way to implement it. We migrated from platform that we could not make any updates to a WordPress platform where my staff can make updates at any time. By doing, this is saving our association a lot of money on a yearly basis.

It’s been great working with Intelligent Evolution. The staff there are very talented website designers and developers. Not only do they work quickly, but also they always responded quickly to my emails and phone calls, something I value a lot when trying to keep a project on schedule. They designed a great looking website and did great job to improve my SEO. I highly recommended!

Robert L, CPA Firm

Finding a first-rate web designer and developer is challenging for a small business such are ours. I was extremely lucky to find Intelligent Evolution to create an online brand for our small business. The communication during the entire process was outstanding and it was obvious that they were interested in developing a long-term relationship with us. Intelligent Evolution paid attention to every detail of our design, layout, color pallet, branding, presentation, and search engine optimization. There communication and response time was superb and they always welcomed our feedback and patiently listened to all our concerns or recommendations. We continue to use Intelligent Evolution to manage our website updates (even thou we can make them ourselves, and to create new features. I highly recommend them for your website design!

Crystal S., Non-Profit

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