Enhance your brand recognition by Search Engine Optimization

Creating a website for your business is your first step in the engagement with your prospective customers. But when there are hundreds of thousands of websites, all advertising services and products similar to yours, how do you ensure that eyeballs are directed to your website? Social media may be one way of drawing the customers’ attention but more serious research happens on the search engines. When your customers search for services on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing; their search will yield multiple results. To ensure that your business stars prominently in that search list, you have to employ the concept called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Our SEO team at Intelligent Evolution will help you understand and use this concept to maximize your visibility, enhance your brand recognition as well as attract more customers to your website.

Each of the search engines employs a complicated set of steps called algorithms to create a list in response to a search made. These algorithms help the search engine create a likely list of results through certain keywords and their combinations. Unless your site has that keyword dense content, the chances of it featuring in the top few search results are considerably lesser. No matter how good your content is, or how pertinent is your social media campaign, if keywords that are being searched through the search engine are not optimally used, the attention of the prospective customers cannot be harnessed. Through effective Search Engine Optimization techniques, Intelligent Evolution can give your content the exposure it needs.

Ideally, the Search Engine Optimization should be taken into account when your website is in its designing stage. The search engine agents like the crawlers, robots and spiders sift through the information on your site and inform the search engines of the relevance of that information. These search engine agents rely on on-page and off-page factors to determine the relevance of the content available on the website. As the owner of the site and the content therein, you have control over the on-page factors, namely the clues like the keywords, their density, placement, code etc. These on-page factors can be considered while designing and creating the content that will be published on the site. If done properly, this process can bring greater traffic to your website and therefore higher number of business leads.

Off-page factors are not under the direct control of the content owner but Search Engine Marketing (SEM) brings these factors under partial control and increases the chances of the website being amongst the top few search results. SEM includes advertising on the search engines through purchasing ads on the engines. These ads will appear on the search page whenever relevant keywords are searched and advertisers can see quicker results in such cases. Intelligent Evolution can help business owners to create and maintain such SEM activities by providing suitable content for the site as well as the blogs to improve visibility.

The SEO Process

The SEO Process at Intelligent Evolution follows the discover-define-execute-deliver-measure-and-refine methodology. The discovery phase starts as soon as a client approaches us with his requirements. Through site assessment as well as analyses of the current and target markets, the competition, the customer base, etc, among others, we determine our strategy. The client participation is crucial at this stage because it will be a guide to the next step. The next phase is the defining phase where we define the objectives that we wish to achieve with our SEO exercise. During this step we benchmark the current rankings and establish a set of keywords that will form the core of our content.

After the discovery and defining phases are over, it is time for implementing the ideas and concepts. During the execution phase we enact and deliver the pre-determined goals and objectives. Once the client is satisfied with the implementation, we move on to the maintenance and measurement phase. This phase is the longest running and on-going phase because it comprises the continual search engine marketing process. Since the search industry is constantly evolving, it becomes imperative to keep pace with the changes that occur so as to keep the content relevant. The refining of search keywords as well as keeping the website content fresh is the key to success in Search engine marketing.

“Content is King” is the oft-repeated phrase in Search Engine Optimization parlance. The content has to be qualitatively verified as unique and valuable, only then will it be able to attract the visitors to the site. The language in which the content is presented may present another challenge to SEO marketers since adequate energy has to go into ascertaining the language of the user. The content should not only be suitable but also fresh and engaging so that the customers spend time going through it. At Intelligent Evolution we pay special attention to such details to ensure that you can convert your leads into real-time customers.


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