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SmartRuns – Simplifying your Registration Process

If you have ever been a part of the organizing committee that has planned a running or a racing event with expected attendance of anywhere between 10 to 10,000 participants, then you would know that the registration process can be quite a headache. The signing up routine can not only lead to enormous amount of paperwork, but the accounting and coordinating activities can also be extremely time-consuming. We, at Intelligent Evolution, Inc. have created a web based event management registration system called SmartRuns which will make this task easy and smooth.

SmartRuns is an online registration system which is ideal for small to medium sized sporting events where individual or group registrations are mandatory. By using this software the organizers can develop their own standardized registration form for the event. The software ensures that this registration form will be unique to this event and that it is quick and convenient to use. The software is also capable of processing the entrance fees and will furnish the complete data till date on command without compromising on the security of the data.

SmartRuns allows the event coordinators to register the participants and process the registration fee online. The personal and credit card information of the participants is encrypted by the system to keep it secure. SmartRuns is capable of real time credit card processing and accounts receivable tracking. Depending on the mode of payment chosen by the organizers, the software allows the organizers to encash their receipts within 3 days to a week. For a nominal processing fee, you can use SmartRuns for events like fundraisers and donation drives too.

Once you have registered your event on SmartRuns, all your administrative woes regarding the registration, early bird discounts, payment collection and consolidation are taken care of. Timely reports about the funds collected, participant headcounts, etc are available through the software. If your event is an annual or a repeat event, our software will also help you in generating e-mail reminder notices to all those participants who have shown interest in future participations. In case you want to communicate with the participants regarding any change in the schedule, the communications are but a click away.

So, whether you are organizing a church event or a citywide marathon, a recreational event or a fundraiser, get in touch with us and we will help you simplify your registration process.