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Intelligent Evolution, Inc.

“You Provide the Challenges, We Provide the Solutions” ™

Provider of information technology services to small business, associations, non-profit organizations and the Federal Government. We specialize in turning challenges into opportunities for improved effectiveness, increased efficiency, technological advancement, streamlined project and personnel management, and enhanced bottom-line results.

Intelligent Evolution’s expertise is focused in the following areas:

Give us your challenge and we’ll come up with the solution for you.
Call Intelligent Evolution today to find out how we can help you leverage the technology tools for your success.

Contact: George Valenzuela

Intelligent Evolution, Inc.
3337 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
Office: 703.370.7433 Fax: 703.342.4311

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Inner Horizons, LLC.

Guiding You To Achieve the Goals on Your Inner Horizons

For four years I have been using a client-centered approach to help clients make positive behavior changes utilizing the powerful tool of hypnosis. I work with clients who wish to become better sleepers, become more relaxed and experience less stress, improve their academic performance, improve their sports performance, reduce their anxiety, reduce and manage their weight, manage menopause symptoms, reduce and manage pain, increase self-confidence and self-esteem, eliminate bad habits, reduce alcohol and sugar consumption, improve their public speaking abilities, improve their sleep and much more.

My life-long interest in the mind and communications carried me through my BA in Communications and Advertising/Marketing at CSFU. I continued to learn the language of symbols, patterns, archetypes and metaphor by participating and facilitating in dream groups for the past 15 years, culminating in a Projective Dreamwork Certificate earned through Jeremy Taylor’s MIPD program. I facilitate private dream groups and a Dream Salon on Meetup at Alexandria Projective Dreamwork. Exploring dreams together deepens our human connection, gives us a greater understanding of ourselves and helps us solve problems. I give talks about hypnosis and offer projective dreamwork workshops.

Contact: Dianne Mouchon Rhodes

Consulting Hypnosis Therapy
Projective Dreamwork
Alexandria, VA
p: 703-593-1034

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LeMay & Company

“When you work with LeMay & Company, our team becomes part of your team.”

Our CPA firm specializes in accounting, tax preparation and financial management for entrepreneurs, small businesses, nonprofits and individuals. Our expert staff of skilled professionals works as a seamlessly integrated team to provide clients with the tools and knowledge to navigate an ever-changing landscape of financial situations and tax laws. We help with all aspects of financial management whether managing family finances or forming your business or organization, handling day-to-day bookkeeping, payroll and taxes and more.

We provide the following services:

Based on your needs, LeMay & Company can be your virtual CEO, function as your entire accounting department or consult only on select functions as needed. As your financial partner, we take a vested interest in your success, so you can move toward your financial goals with confidence

Contact: Robert LeMay

LeMay & Company

7830 Backlick Road, Suite 300
Springfield, VA 22150

Office: 703.912.7862 Fax: 703.912.6524

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Group Benefits Designers, Inc.

Employee Benefits – Invest in your Business

A small, family owned and operated independent insurance agency working with small businesses in the DMV for over 36 years. We specialize in assisting business owners attract and retain quality employees by developing, implementing and maintaining custom employee benefits packages.

We develop genuine relationships with every client and tailor our service to meet their unique needs and exceed their expectations. We know benefits can be complicated and strive to make them simple for our clients. As a KELLY & Associates broker partner, our clients gain access to simplified billing and benefit administration technology, which saves valuable time and money.

Call Group Benefits Designers, it’s time to enjoy speaking with an insurance agent again.

Contact: Lexy Janda Knott

Group Benefits Designers, Inc.

205 Union Street, Occoquan, VA 22125
Office: 571.408.4531 Fax: 571-408-4538

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Carey Business Vault

For the last 18 years I have been helping small business owners start and expand their businesses. Before that I spent 20 years in the US Navy doing strategic planning and leadership and management at all levels.

All my adult life I have been known as a planner. I can take almost any project and determine what actions need to be taken to complete the project. This works equally as well in business as it did in the military. One of my projects about 7 years ago was to take a business and do a mind map of where the business was, and where the owner wanted it to be. A great project – just a little too big to print out.

The Carey Business Vault is now where I keep all that information! I combine that information with my coaching and it empowers my clients to take action and achieve their dreams. The Vault is for the business owner who wants to unlock tools for business success.

Contact: Lisa Carey

Carey Business Vault

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Anna Kaviani
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Stanley Koussis
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Meryl McBride